District 9 AGM 

District 9 Guidelines For Hosting a District Meeting


Minutes 2019 AGM April 27, 2019

Minutes 2021 AGM  Dec. 6, 2021

Minutes 2022 AGM  April 23, 2022

Minutes 2023 AGM April 22, 2023

Our District 9 AGM will be held on April 22, 2023 at the Thorold Seniors' Centre. See the links for information on the event. There will be a photo competition also. Please make your members aware of this event.

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Photo Competition Rules

District 9 Fall Forum October 28, 2023

This event is barely 6 weeks away and time is of the essence to ensure that members of District 9 societies are aware of this date. Please make your members aware.

Fall Forum Flyer

Fall Forum Poster on Ways to Assist

Minutes Fall Forum  October 29, 2022